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First of all we should define what we mean with software maintenance (& support). As Rhea sees it, it means making sure your software keeps functioning as it should despise the following possible interferences:

  • Changing IT-infrastructure environment (hardware and software)
  • Bugs being discovered due to full usage of business application or changes in way of working
  • Addition of new functionalities in line with needs of today
  • Change in base code of the application due to new needs around communication & security
  • Change in your internal IT department (example: lead developers leaving the company)
  • Integration of the business application in a bigger system (example: due to fusing of different companies)

In overall calculations within defining the lifecycle of an application, 67% of it lies around the maintenance of it and carries about 60% of the total cost of an application thorough it’s lifecycle. Where many companies focus on the initial cost of the Business application to begin with, the hidden costs come above water quite quickly, as in the first year of life as much as 750 smaller bugs will probably still be detected once the product is released. This is mainly due to unforeseen communication issues with other applications within your environment or human changes done in the base code by local developers.

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It goes without saying that the longer an application runs (and have been changed due to reasons mentioned above), the more the maintenance and support will cost. Certainly if this is done internally in your company or still depending on older code to function.

This is where Rhea comes in. At Rhea we have specialised for over 20 years in the maintenance and support of third party business applications and this for smaller businesses as well as for companies present in the Belgian top 20.

Want to know more?

Visit our webpage: https://www.rhea.be/maintenance-support/#maintenance
Or contact me on: mark.adam@rhea.be

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