Vulnerability: the disease of 2020?

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We live in a time where the digital world grows so much it is sometimes hard to keep track what is being used in your corporate environment as devices or software and most companies think that as long as their IT backbone is secured, there is no risk of infection by malware or viruses.

As seen in the news in a more and more frequent way over the past year, this supposition has led companies to lose not only a lot of money, but also a lot of data (that was stolen, blocked or corrupted) and in thus creating a financial gap that is actually very hard to calculate (for example is your data is then used by overseas competition that sell the same product for a fraction of the price trough export).

And then there is the latest criminal favourite: ransomware. Your company is put on its knees and although many of those ransoms do not surpass 60.000 EUR in Belgium (although some recorded have been above 300K), the impact of your company not being able to deliver your products or even being at a standstill for a couple of days can mount up to millions lost

In 2018 alone, 28 Belgian companies reported being the victim of this new and crippling attack on their businesses. In these companies we count World players as well as smaller companies that work locally. We see this over the different sectors in Belgium, from industry giants to local production facilities. If we go even a bit further we can already see that in 2019 there has been an additional increase of 500% in regards ransomware claims in Belgium alone

Although these numbers seem quite alarming, there are ways of protection yourself and your business from this!At Rhea we believe that re-engineering your legacy business applications will already diminish these risk greatly of not completely. What we do is: We completely audit your existing applications, sit down with the people using them to ensure that they stay user friendly (we actually even try to improve greatly on this) and then re-build them to not only be future proof (being able to integrate when you are ready with technologies such as AI, RPA and IOT), but also secure them to the highest level possible today

That means that with Rhea you can already make those historical backdoors, closed forever!

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