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The company of WHAT IF: behind the curtains

As the corporate environments are changing (more often drastically than not) and customers are expecting quick and complete solutions from their suppliers or they go looking somewhere else, many companies are lagging behind and lose track of the sunshine behind the clouds. Yet there is a solution that has gained more and more momentum in the past years.

Let me talk to you about RPA.

RPA or Robot Process Automation is basically the software version of a car manufacturer supply chain managed by robotic arms. Tedious and repetitive tasks are taken out of the hands of manual labour to be entrusted to machines build only for that purpose. In RPA we look into alleviating the repetitive workload of all employees and in so, free up time to expand and enhance the departments they are working for. Add to that the possibilities of artificial intelligence and you have a enormous advantage at your fingertips.

This is best explained with some examples for the different departments that make up a company:

Finance: what if – instead of: a manual process for retrieving invoices from portals and emails, then inputting the information into your CRM, then comparing pricing from different suppliers, then retrieving purchase orders and then linking everything again manually to your payment system – you could fully automate all the tedious tasks proper to your finance department?


Production: What if – instead of: waiting for you’re the quarterly numbers of your product sales to come in, to then try to optimize the usage of your different production chains out of that manually compounded information, to making the decisions after the momentum might already have passed, to manually re-programme every chain and assign your employees to crucial posts – Parts of your production environment could be done fully automatically in a fraction of the time, while still be in charge of the overall process?


Retail/Sales: What if – instead of: manually and reactively adapting your sales strategy based upon the manual research and compounding of information about the sales of your different products based on different criteria such as age/location/demographic/…., Then re-think the complete repositioning of your sales force, then cross-reference this information with your existing sales-tools to define a new go to market strategy – you could be ahead of the game by constantly and live at any given time update in your system the fluctuations of the market and automatically reposition your sales force accordingly (whether we speak of demographics or product positioning)


Human Resources: What if – instead of: manually reviewing hundreds of resumes (or hiring expensive external recruiters), manually contacting each one of them whether it is positive or negative for good form, tediously contact every manager via mail of phone to see if there is a fit and waiting for a response without knowing if they even read the your e-mail, losing important candidates due to unfortunate internal mistakes – You could have a system that pre-screens every resume you receive and manages all the steps following this to ensure that there is a correct follow up internally, this cross department?


Information Technology: What if – instead of:: manually preparing each pc for new employees and manually creating their e-mail addresses to then adding them to certain distribution lists, manually try to prevent downtime and troubleshoot basic server errors, manually perform back-up and restoration tasks due to unforeseen issues, manually perform password resets and unlocks, manually perform maintenance and monitoring of all your IT equipment – you could have a fully automated system that ensure tedious tasks are no longer your responsibility and critical systems are up and running when they should be?


Marketing: What if – instead of: endlessly copy pasting content on different social media outlets and your website, trying to come up with new and exciting content for potential customers through endlessly scour the internet for interesting articles, running after internal departments for input on their goals and foreseen evolutions, looking on the world wide web for eventual events your company might use for visibility statements – you would have a tool that analyses and compounds different information sources to steer your company in the right direction and is fully integrated with all and every social media platform?


Legal: What if – instead of: manually copying intake documents or all documents sent by clients for that matter, manually looking through paper documentation for needed references around a case, manually copying the information on those documents into your operational system, manually researching every case again when you might already have had a similar case in the past, checking every contract for signatures and conformity with your internal T&C’s – you could have a fully automated system that would do the groundwork for you and help you focus again on what attracted you in the first place to legal work?

Call center

Office Management: What if – instead of: periodically and visually checking the stock of your stationary, manually ordering new pens/markers or even business cards, manually managing the different pools of equipment through excel files such as your car park or office equipment, going from desk to desk to order sandwiches for a big meeting, manually managing meetings with potential suppliers with the correct internal department – You would have an application that manages those seemingly small, but yet very important task with and for you?

Customer support: What if – instead of: taking every call that comes through your reception in regards of potential problems in regards of products or services, having excel file upon excel file for every different type of problem and issue, having to manually cross reference every issue to find similarities and perhaps avoid such issues in the future, having to contact different departments to answer one clients question – You would have a tool at your disposal that helps you gain time and enhance user satisfaction?


  • AND what if all these systems/application could talk to each other?
  • AND what if they could share the workload and information that they have already analysed and compounded in their respective specialities?
  • AND What if this could mean for you, in terms of having a visibility on what is actually going on in your entire company through enhanced and INTELLIGENT reporting’s, that you are always one step ahead?
  • Can you image the gain in time, productivity and cost for you company?

At Rhea we are looking to build the future of business application development together with our customers and in such usher them towards a new era without losing track of what made them different to start with!

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