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Enhanced developments

The evolution of today

300 thousand years ago, humanity had come into existence. This decision of contemporary scientists was based on the moment the brain of monkeys evolved to new possibilities and the first tools where invented. Since then giant leaps have been taken in regards of these tools. From the invention of the wheel, the industrial revolution and the world wide web, humans have continuously invented new solutions to ensure that their day to day lives become more fulfilling and thus easier to manage.

Today Rhea has completely integrated the newest possibilities this brave new world is offering us, from Artificial intelligence to Robotic Process Automation going past Internet of Things, to offer you the most complete solution your needs might require.

We build upon the first 2 steps explained in re-development of legacy applications and add yet another layer to the overall functionalities of your data management systems.

Augmented data reality

As the technologies changed in the past decade, so did our approach to application development.

Completing the first solutions we work with Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Internet of Things to create with you a system that is not only Automated, but holds an infinity potential of possibilities in regards of compounding and using your different data lakes and existing applications (this secure over the whole line using the latest technologies in this aspect).

And in so giving you the edge of minimal human interaction and maximal potential output with your data as its backbone. A company where all different systems and stand alone data lakes or sensors are in continuous communication whit an artificial intelligence directing the whole information stream to give you the required information at the right time.

Internet Of Things – IOT

Today many companies use a BMS system or an intrinsic array of different sensors to give them live information in regards of different physical systems (production environment, air conditioning, parking sensors, presence systems, Asset tracking solutions and thousands of others). These different systems and have one big issue; they are mainly stand-alone systems with their own application, specific intelligence and reporting capabilities. This means that if you want to check on all your systems, you must log on to all the different portals and manually create cross system reporting’s. this is not only very time consuming but is also prone for many manual mistakes and the continuity of your business is even more at stake when we consider the number of employees changing function the day of today.

Rhea solves this by compounding this information through one application.

Robot Process Automation – RPA

Robotic process automation (or RPA) is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of metaphorical software robots. Just as certain actions have been taken over in production environments for the fabrication of certain products. This RPA will do the same, but on a software level. Pre-defined tasks will be given to these bots and in such physical human interaction will no longer be required to ensure these tedious tasks are taken into completion. The advantage of such solutions is that for one human error is taken out of the equation and further time is being freed to focus on your company’s core business.

In short, an RPA will automate manual interventions on the software side to streamline your way of working and in such: gain time, avoid mistakes and increase you core productivity

Artificial Intelligence – AI

At Rhea we have identified multiple different approaches to A.I. that would be a real added value to your company. One of the main directions we are taking into account is more the more specific INDUSTRIAL INTELLIGENCE or Industrial Artificial Intelligence.

Unlike general artificial intelligence which is a frontier research discipline to build computerized systems that perform tasks requiring human intelligence, industrial AI is more concerned with the application of such technologies to address industrial pain-points for customer value creation, productivity improvement, and insight discovery.

Through different consultative meetings with our customers or you in this case, we can evaluate your current needs around the integration of Industrial AI within your systems and what the best course of action might be.

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