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Happy Christmas and new year, may 2020 be as exciting for you as 2019 has been in regards of technological developments.

This year we have seen many technologies being introduced or maturing on a global scale, some more popular in corporate environments than others, but all attaining levels of excellence that is corporate ready such as: machine learning, natural language processing, health monitoring, Video Object Tracking, security analytics (UEBA) or even rich communication services.

But 2019 has mainly been the year of 5G technology and serverless computing. 5G took its first physical steps in the world and with it enabled a whole new generation of devices (above and beyond the historical group of cellular phones) to communicate & process data differently than what was known, this opened a realm of possibilities regarding interconnected devices and centralized management possibilities that where unseen so far. Added to this the product/service that is Serverless computing maturing rapidly to become the standard in stead of the exception in more and more companies.

And why wouldn’t it?

To access your corporate data from anywhere in the world at any time, without the cost of managing an expensive server park and employ expensive proprietary software to access and secure your install base. Cutting down on expenses and maximizing the data availability to you in a safe and secure manner.

And to make matters even more complicated, here comes 2020 with its big shoes trampling over the last innovations that you seemingly only implemented yesterday.

Last year alone the landscape that is IT changed forever, today data is available at your fingertips and a global reach is only one mouse click away. But what does that mean for companies around the world or more to point: YOUR company?

The actual impact of this rapidly growing revolution is twofold:

1.      In many cases these revolutions have little impact on your company today (your business will continue to be profitable continuing as you are, although on a slower pace and in a more complicated manner than it could be)

2.      In a more future centered view they will have an unmistakable and unshakable influence on how you will be able to do business in comparison to your competition that are embracing these new technologies.

None the less in this world where technology is making leap over leap a lot of companies still have the need to work with technology that is user friendly. Not only in the eyes of the digital native generations, but also certainly still in the eyes of the older generations at the helm of many core deliverables in these companies.

Next to that are not only the users a main point of focus in this driven technological revolution of “disruptive technologies”, but the existing business processes and business deliverables have recently and fully joined the fray as well.

The question that quickly arises at this point is what should we (as a company) do? How do we keep all those different generations of our workforce happy? How do we re-invent our business processes (or do we even need to) to stay ahead of the competition? What does this mean for our deliverables and our core products?

The solution or answer to all these questions is exactly what Rhea has been working towards for the past 20 years.

At Rhea we focus ourselves at re-inventing existing business processes by creating similar looking (in usage and rendering) business application, but with the big difference that they are ready for your next steps in technological development and this at your own pace. Open to incorporate Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, Robot process automation and with a potential limitless communication possibility to every and all open third party systems (such as: IOT connected devices, BMS systems, stand alone sensor arrays, Local and non-local IT systems and a variety of different Data Lakes).

What we mean with this, is that we stay focused on what you need today while keeping our eyes open for tomorrow. Togheter with you we discuss the possibilities these future technologies could mean for your specific company and business applications and help you manage eventual transitions. Our advisory experts will walk the same line (while keeping you informed of new and tested future technologies) with you as your company and the world around changes and adapts.

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