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To start Rhea and myself would like to wish you all a very happy new year and wishes that your corporate goals of 2020 may not only be achieved, but overshot in regards of: profits, employee satisfaction, digital transformations and mainly wishes for the overall health & longevity of your business

Although that in most corporate environments a new year also means a new set of challenges to overcome and many new projects  to implement, we are convinced that many great opportunities lie ahead for those willing to take the first step. This is certainly true with technology evolving at the fast pace it is today.

In a former article we already talked about Artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and IOT taking the front stage in 2019 and as expected this will most certainly continue in 2020. But before we go into this I would like to talk about what it means to integrate these new technologies and in doing so, make sure you are ready for the next steps in your digital transformation.

At Rhea we have experienced in the last 20 years that the business applications running today in many corporate environments are not open to integrate in these more complex environments and that sadly still a lot of internal systems are running as they where 10 years ago. As they seem to work as they should it is likely that many companies don’t see the direct need to change them. There are none the less many hidden issues lying behind these legacy applications besides not being able to integrate with future business applications or your need for an overhead view of what processes are working on the background to ensure a long term viability of your business

The 5 main issues come across the most are: a high maintenance cost, data loss, mostly insecure, tedious in user experience and closed to integrate with already existing systems (ex: CRM).

Therefore Rhea has launched its new business proposal centered around not only solving these issues, but at the same time re-writing your business applications to make them future proof.

Want to know more?

Visit our webpage: https://www.rhea.be/#home
Or contact me on: mark.adam@rhea.be

!i!i!i! To a sparkling 2020 !i!i!i!

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