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Business applications in times of corona

As the world is slowly shutting down and businesses seemingly come to a halt, behind the scenes nothing is less true. Production lines are still working at maximum capacity, delivery companies are still moving goods from manufacturing companies to delivery companies to finally find their way to the consumers. This whether it is through online solutions or stores still open for business.

But what happens if your workforce is thinning out as the days go by due to sickness or government rulings? How can you keep your company running, when the key people needed are no longer available to work on site?

The solution in this lies in the possibility of homeworking, but as many of you know this is much easier said than done, certainly in a production environment where the whole chain starts. It will be close to impossible to automate the delivery of goods to our fridges and pantries, but at Rhea we can help you with the first part.

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Legacy applications are rarely open to be consulted from the outside world, let alone managed. What means that there is still a need to come to the office and be exposed to potential dangers. In that mind-set Rhea has started a virtual team of development specialists in the last days to help companies manage their business in these difficult time. Our first proposition would be to take over the maintenance and support of your existing business applications (no need for your people to be on site and manage this) while remaking these business applications and prep them for the months to come. Giving access to your key personel from home to production lines, stock management, purchasing systems and so forth. This will enable your business to continue even with a minimum of onsite capacity.

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