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As the world is slowly but surely getting back in gear after a month and a half of standstill in many sectors, we find ourselves asking the questions what this means for our business and what the impact of this past crisis will be on the short & long term.

Coronavirus crisis: A digital policy overview | Digital Watch

Although the real question we should ask ourselves, is what did actually work this past month for us and how do we optimize what didn’t work. As working from home becomes more and more the new normal and we don’t know what the future will bring us in the optic of business continuity, we will be in need of business applications that enable such a new way of working. Another interesting question to take into account is what about the maintenance and support during those more difficult times.

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At Rhea we have continued working for this past month and a half answering just these questions of our clients. We enhanced, re-developed, maintained, secured and managed the critical business applications of our clients to ensure everybody that should have access, would have and above all could optimize their time more than they did before.

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