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High maintenance cost
A legacy application is like an antique car – it may continue to operate, but every additional year of usage makes it more fragile and expensive.

Data loss
Almost all legacy applications suffer from a high risk of data loss usually willing or unwillingly when an employee leaves an organization.

User privacy has never been more important. Data should never reside on employee computers and should only ever be accessible by the designated processor.

Legacy systems typically require the end user to perform numerous tedious tasks which usually involve a lot of copy/paste, introducing errors and taking up valuable time.

Legacy systems are not suited to a corporate that is growing through mergers and acquisitions. These systems are unable to easily connect and talk to other systems.

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Rhea has worked on the modernization of many core applications over the past 20 years at its world renowned customers and therefore recently decided to take yet another step towards the future. The goal is to help customers and new clients rise beyond the chaos that has been applicative development since its beginnings and through, customer collaborations, build Intelligent data developments that are by all means future proof.

As part of a 500+ subsidiary group (with over 6000 FTE’s), there is little expertise that we can not help you with in regards of technological evolutive systems. The only limit to our potential partnership is your imagination.

Intelegent Data Dev

Intelligent Application Development

At Rhea we use a modular and revolutionized way of looking at business applications and instead of making stand alone and costly applications we re-focus our self to make them: by the low-code principle, Fast, Secure, intelligent and Open.

This will not only ensure they are future proof, but also less costly and easier to use for all levels within your organization

Intelligent Data Infrastructure

Rhea goes one step further and in collaboration with its clients we look into developing an overhead business application to manage your different data lakes and existing open protocol based applications. this will ensure that the workload of your employees and administrators will be diminished greatly down the line.

Avoiding a copy paste environment implies that more time is freed up for working on your core business and data is automatically populated over your different systems, this opens the door to an automated system in the future

Intelegent Data Infra
Augmented Data Reality

Augmented data reality

Completing the first 2 solutions we work with Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Internet of Things to create with you a system that is not only Automated, but holds an infinity potential of possibilities in regards of compounding and using your different data lakes and existing applications (this secure over the whole line using the latest technologies in this aspect).

And in so giving you the edge of minimal human interaction and maximal potential output with your data as its backbone.

Why choose Rhea

Today there are 2 ways of approaching your actual data rendering set-up. On one side stand alone applications that fill in a specific role within your organization and use a specific pre-defined data pool (for example managing order processes for a specific department such as engineering) and on the other side a central application or data framework that will group together different application and share your data between them to optimize cost and workload.

And this is where Rhea comes in. We work on both possibilities without excluding one or the other in our technical strategy. Keeping in mind that what once was (or is) should be able to become something new, ready for any future your company is travelling towards. We do this by revising existing applications and re-writing them to ensure full usage of your data as well as grouping together these applications and through our open approach optimize the actual communication between them. integrating Artificial Intelligence, IOT and RPA we can further enhance the usability of your data.

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