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    Supporting applications is a voyage not a destination

    In today’s global economy, companies experience that traditional ICT processes are no longer sufficient for growth. Expansion accomplished by acquisitions or faster Go-to-Market campaigns have a big impact on business strategies, resources and capabilities.

    ICT is asked to innovate, find new markets and exploit new technologies to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Most companies tend to struggle with the growing complexity of IT services and evolving processes.

    Maintaining business operations is not only costly, it also hampers growth and success, for example:

    • High operating costs: bogged down by support processes, more than 50% of time spent in responding to users;

    • Projects are a "never ending story": no clear separation between Service Management (Maintenance) and Project Development;

    • Calls from users interfere with daily tasks of ICT personnel, causing project and development delays;

    Successful applications require a lot of technically skilled resources. Its success depends 6 different elements , not just functionality and design:

    Odoo CMS - a big picture

    Responsive and effective user support, avoiding the trap of " Build & forget

    By streamlining operations, your company can focus on their core competencies, increase financial leverage by reducing fixed costs, re-allocate budgets and free up ICT resources.
    Rhea Service Management adds efficiency by creating a clear separation between project development and service management. It improves response times by providing specialist and focused services which optimize customer/user satisfaction.

    Here is where Rhea can help:

    We offer support services, both functional and technical, to business users and technical teams. This allows customers to control response times, technical expertise and budget, covered by specific SLA’s based on best practice ITIL standards.  

    Rhea uses an in-house incident management system (Service Desk Tool) for follow-up and reporting on open and closed incidents or change requests.

    We offer 3 services:


    Service Desk

    operational support & debugging


    Service Management

    overall management of your service levels and reporting


    Change Management

    plan for incremental and gradual development to keep evolving the application

      You will find more information on our offering on our Services page. Don't hesitate to contact us, if you believe we can help.