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At Rhea we specialize in Business applications for corporate environments and have broken down our services in 3 main topics.

Enhanced development:

With enhanced developments we mean building upon newly made business applications (re-development of legacy applications or completely new applications) in enhancing them for example with new technologies such as IOT, RPA and A.I.. This will not only ensure that your business is at the edge of it’s technical capabilities, but also ready for any future developments in these fields. A seamless integration into your already existing business processes is obviously key!

Re-development of legacy applications:

As many applications have been written sometimes decades ago, it goes without say that these applications do no longer work properly (and in so cost quite the amount of money to maintain) due to for example many expansions or are a great security risk for your company as technology has made leaps and bounds in the past years. At Rhea we re-develop these applications in the same way as they are currently used, but with a complete fresh backbone. This means your business applications will cost much less to maintain, be secure, protected from data loss, quiker and easier to use, open to potentially interconnect with other systems (like a CRM or other open applications) and future proof.

Maintenance and support:

At Rhea we have 20+ years of experience in maintaining, supporting and further developing  third party Business applications. As the base of our offering over the years we ensure that those critical business applications, build by others, keep functioning as they should and this for as long as the technology it was written in, permits it. Thanks to our other fields of expertise (as mentioned above), we can furthermore ensure a smooth transition towards the future of your business applications

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Rhea has worked on the modernization of many core applications over the past 20 years at its world renowned customers and therefore recently decided to take yet another step towards the future. The goal is to help customers and new clients rise beyond the chaos that has been applicative development since its beginnings and through, customer collaborations, build Intelligent data developments that are by all means future proof.

As part of a 500+ subsidiary group (with over 6000 FTE’s), there is little expertise that we can not help you with in regards of technological evolutive systems. The only limit to our potential partnership is your imagination.

Rhea in Motion

20 years of experience regarding development of data rendering systems and support on third party applications

With our modular approach, cost for developments are drastically reduced

Use of global defined (and used) coding standards based on MS technology

Open applicative & digital framework design for integration with existing digital frameworks or applications

Latest technological adaptation in regards of the development of proprietary and open applications/digital frameworks to ensure future evolutions are still compatible

Build upon state of the art security protocols to ensure extra layers of security whatever the application or other source added to the intelligent data infrastructure

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