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What Rhea is about

Rhea provides support to companies in defining, developing and maintaining custom and web applications.
Our consultants are specialised in functional domains such as Finance, Production, Distribution, Human Resource, Learning Management, ... and have competences with technologies such as Java, .NET, Business Intelligence, Oracle Apex, Oracle Forms, ...
To deliver these services Rhea has organised itself around following Business Units: Rhea is a member of iCros that represents about 250 IT specialists. Watch a video in Dutch to see what iCros & Rhea can do for you.

Your Application, Our Responsibility

Rhea Service Management provides Service Support, Service Delivery and Event Monitoring to your business users and technical teams. This can be scheduled on-demand or 24/7.

The Rhea Service Management team is specialized in supporting your or by Rhea developed custom applications based on Microsoft .Net, Oracle (Forms, Apex, BI) and Java technologies.

With the Rhea Service Management services you will be able to control response times, technical expertise and budget and this covered by a Service Level Agreement as the basis for a good business partnership.

The Rhea Service Management team are using best practice ITIL standards to assure a professional service.

Fast & Structured Developments

Rhea's development team helps you with the full cycle from brainstorming to maintenance from our your application development projects. Often we position our own productivity tools and applications that are focused on speeding up development, integration and implementation of database and business applications.

The Rhea tools and applications are always on the edge of information technology based on feedback gathered from user communities and key consultants in the field.

The Rhea's way of working results in tools and applications that really improve and structure the development cycle without losing control over the code.


The Rhea specialists can be hired on a Consultancy basis. The Rhea Java, Microsoft and Oracle technology specialists can help you in defining technical architectures based on your specific requirements.

Typical activities are:
  • IT Architecture definitions
  • Creation of a Project Plan
  • Development of custom Applications
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Rollout
  • Maintenance for future requirements

These activities are supported by a pragmatic approach based on the ITIL service management processes.